Vedic Mathematics

Faster calculations using vedic maths are taught to help the child to getover the fear of Mathematics. Students need not use calculators in the future. In modern teaching you usually have one way of doing a calculation. This is rigid and boring, and intelligent and creative students rebel against it. Once you allow variations you get all sorts of benefits. Children become more creative. The teacher is encouraging innovation and the children respond. In the Vedic system there are general methods, that always work, for example a method of multiplication that can be applied to any numbers. But the Vedic system has many special methods, when a calculation has some special characteristic that can be used to find the answer more easily. And it's great fun when you spot that method. Having only one method of, say, multiplying is like a carpenter who uses a screwdriver for every job. The skilled craftsman selects the tool most appropriate for the job and gets it done quicker, better and with more satisfaction.